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Boxing  & Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Boxing and Muay Thai with our amazing team of certified instructors.

Train without risk of injury.. train to get fit or prepare for MMA & yes you can even work to be graded to 1st Degree Muay Thai Kickboxing Black Belt via Martial Arts University.

Choices : Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 7:30am 

Monday ,Wednesday & Friday 6:30pm classes.       ## Kids Only ages 8-11 Fridays 5:10pm-6pm        

Note : Monday & Friday Evening classes run for 1 hour with an optional 15 minute light sparring on some days for those that wish to grade in this style.                                  

  * affiliated with Master Toddy Thailand     

              Zero cost start  - Book Your Free Trial Class Now; Call Now 0414 253 513

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