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Master Fari began his serious committment to the arts in 1982 by teaching. KMA Schools have been offering instruction and training in martial arts ever since expanding into several states. KMA Headquarters is located in Liverpool City, NSW and officially opened January 2000. KMA has produced champions in life as well as in martial arts itself.

Headed by Master Instructor Fari Salievski, combined with his Black Belt Success teams, form one of Australia's most successful and widely respected chain of schools.

Mastery in martial arts and mastery life is the essence of KMA.

The KMA Philosophy - Mindset For Success

KMA is internationally recognised as award winning schools for our martial arts education and fitness, the secret to our success?

KMA Black Belt Success Formula....

K Kaizen is based on the principle of constant and never ending improvement.
M Mastery in martial arts, mastery in your life.
A Action that is constant, focused and committed.

All training and life goals are based on our KMA philosophy and is reflected in everything we do. Our facilities are no exception symbolising a constant never ending process of improvement.

Black Belt Success School Philosophy

Would you go or send your child to a university that had 100 people sign up but only 1 graduated? What would you think of their teaching methods? What would you think of their results ?

In 2005 alone, we graduated over 52 Black Belts. This is proof of our successful teaching systems & effective methods for advancement & growth.

At KMA our belief is simple, with regular classes we will help you overcome all the excuses such as; I am too old, I am over weight, too small or too big, I am not motivated and I do not have the time.

Whatever the excuse, we have the reasons to help lead you to success. Achieve Black Belt and you can achieve anything! We will provide you with the WILL to take you all the WAY.

Not all schools are the same, SO compare and join in!

Registered & Certified

Martial Arts Professionals registered
Martial Arts Industry Association(recognised world wide).
Child Protection All KMA instructors are screened to ensure child safety & are also government accredited.
Facaa : Fighters Against Child Abuse approved centre

Multiple Locations

Liverpool plus Sydney - Melbourne - Brisbane & NZ Locations
For a list of all locations click here

Martial Arts For life....our success philosophy

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